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Getting the big picture?

Are you seeing the big picture of all your projects?

Your running a busy business with projects across a large geographical area, keeping a track of them all can be a significant problem. Do you get each of the regions provide you with a separate report and within these reports have them broken down into the different sectors. This could mean 10 regional reports with each report containing 9 sector sub-reports each month or a total of 1080 reports each year. Do you have the time to review and make the big business decision from these reports or would you like a better way? If the answers yes, then contact us to see how we can make your time more effective.

In our demonstration dashboard below we have summarised the project reports of 480+ projects to give you an indication of the value added solutions we can provide. Not only can we provide you with Project Control Solutions, we can take these services to another level with our innovative Business Information Infographics.

See if you can use the following Infographic to resolve the following questions. Tip’s and answers are at the bottom.

1. Are all of the projects being delivered by the right regional office?

2. All of the Regional Offices have the same size overhead, would merging regions help reduce our overhead?

Answer and Tips
1. We believe the 8 wrongly allocated projects are P1030, P2650, P2990, P3790, P3800, P4000, P4460 and P4460. Click on the “All” in the Regions menu to deselect all of the projects then start clicking through the various Regions to see if you can spot the Projects that are out of region on the map.
2. Yes, potentially you could reduce the overhead by closing the up to three offices, those being Greater London, Wales and the East Midlands. If you look at the Regional Turnover chart at the bottom right you’ll see that these are the lowest performing regions. You can then use the Regions menu to identify where the project would be transferred to.

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