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Schedule Risk Management – why you need it

One of the joys of our job is that we get to work with lots of different organisations and project ...Read more

Date: 8 March 2018 Category: News

Primavera Programme Integrity Quick and Easy Check

It’s a good idea to complete a spot-check in Primavera for programme integrity, before you submit a programme for review. At ...Read more

Date: 28 February 2018 Category: News

ProCon wins Highways England smart motorways contracts

ProCon Partners has won a series of smart motorways projects with Highways England to ensure the smooth delivery of smart ...Read more

Date: 7 June 2017 Category: News

A smart dashboard will revolutionise your project delivery!

If you’re already using project controls dashboards to help you deliver your project’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you’ll know that ...Read more

Date: 22 December 2016 Category: Planning & Controls

Why doesn’t construction learn from banking technology?

It’s so easy to use technology to check your bank balance on your phone these days. Or to do many ...Read more

Date: 20 December 2016 Category: Portfolio & Programme

Gantt charts make great wallpaper

But should we be evolving them to be more useful in 21st century? While Henry Gantt gave us the wonderful ...Read more

Date: 5 December 2016 Category: Planning & Controls

Data Visualisation can simplify all your Project Controls processes

Are you irritated by data that is a month or more old and out-dated before you see it? If so, ...Read more

Date: 1 December 2016 Category: Planning & Controls

Getting the big picture?

Are you seeing the big picture of all your projects? Your running a busy business with projects across a large ...Read more

Date: 17 June 2015 Category: Project Forecasting