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Data Visualisation to simplify Project Controls processes

Are you irritated by data that is a month or more old and out-dated before you see it?

If so, Data Visualisation is the answer. The Tableau system we have developed provides real-time project controls data and analysis, allowing you to see at-a-glance where you are with all your programmes, portfolios and projects.

data visualisation monthly reporting

Opportunities and savings

Having real-time data at your fingertips means you can identify the opportunities and deal with any issues as they arise. By providing accurate forecasting and easy-to-understand reporting, we can help you to predict possible issues for your project and remove them before they become a reality.

You can also avoid last-minute planning or project changes, saving time and money, making your projects more efficient and cost-effective. Projects planned and monitored with Data Visualisation will be delivered on time and on budget because the team can concentrate on delivery, rather than historical reporting.

One connection = limitless possibilities

ProCon Partners’ Data Visualisation suite in Tableau integrates directly with the common tools used on projects such as Primavera P6, SAP and Oracle. So, you can connect all your existing data sources to it with just a few clicks. Once connected, the uses for Data Visualisations are endless across your team’s computers, tablets and smartphones.

It will automatically analyse and provide comparison reviews across dates, project areas or resources. For example:

  • Programmes tailored to each individual and team
  • Cost forecasting with the ability to drill down
  • Gamification reporting to drive performance
  • Heat maps to highlight the problems.

Simplifying your data

From creating a work breakdown structure through to closing projects, Data Visualisation provides accurate cost and schedule forecasts for managing every part of your project. It simplifies and enhances your data, removing any ambiguity, and enabling you to make knowledge-driven business decisions.

If your project has hit a bump and your data is poor or simply overwhelming, our tools can help bring some clarity, helping you identify key issues and enable you to find solutions.

Improving quality

We can help you to improve the quality of your data collection, analysis and interpretation, so that you can make informed decisions and finish your project successfully, with your reputation and stakeholder relations intact.

We will help you explore and understand your data to find the answers to the three big questions that your stakeholders will be asking:

  • Where do we currently stand?
  • What variances do we have and can we recover them?
  • Has the forecast changed?

This allows your teams to concentrate on their jobs, rather than on reporting historical information every month, and means continuous improvement is possible.

Industry standard

Because our Tableau Data Visualisations integrate directly with Primavera P6, SAP, Oracle etc. you can rest assured that the information and reports you receive are exactly what you need to comply with industry norms and standards.

Available across your whole team

Data Visualisation doesn’t just limit access to the project controls manager and a select few. It is easily accessible on computers as well as handheld gadgets such as smartphones and tablets. So, anyone in your team can have immediate access to user-friendly reports, all fed from the latest information, whether they’re at their desk or on site.

And you can, of course, print reports for management meetings. But we think that once your managers see live data on screen they won’t want to go back to paper!

All in all, the real-time nature of Data Visualisation means you can improve communication among your team and other stakeholders, making your project controls easier to manage while also improving performance and maximising efficiency.

What’s not to like?


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