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Easy Programme Management and Tracking

Our Portfolio and Programme Services allow you to actively manage your portfolios and programmes with easy tracking, analysis and prioritisation, all in real-time.

Key Features include:

  • Project Management Offices
  • Portfolio Governance
  • Portfolio Prioritisation
  • Strategic Optimisation
  • Investment and Benefits Analysis
  • Efficiency Delivery Programmes

By providing you with the tools to combine projects quickly and simply, we can offer easier portfolio and programme management, improved performance and maximised efficiency; as well as the potential for increased profit.

Providing Clarity

We deliver co-ordinated project management throughout each programme’s life-cycle and across related portfolios and projects. Our planning engineers will help you to develop projects, portfolios and programmes, from first principles, to bring greater clarity to complex relationships.

Saving You Time

Our Cost and Commercial Team can save you time by managing the complete financial overview, with our Projects Control Team providing real-time advanced analytics to enable you to make informed business decisions at all levels. Our Data Visualisations can automatically provide stakeholders with the information they need in a user-friendly format, across all types of projects, portfolios and programmes.

Minimal Risk, Maximum Opportunities

We will work with you to minimise the risks and maximise opportunities, allowing you to focus on delivering your programme on time and on budget. Our team of experts understand both the complexities and the benefits of combining smaller projects into portfolios and programmes to deliver efficiencies. Our experience allows us to create tailor-made solutions, so you can be proactive in your planning and implementation, ensuring your programmes, portfolios and projects run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Efficient Solutions

We can also review and supplement your internal processes and systems, providing tailored solutions to drive your business forward. We have a wealth of knowledge derived from across our extensive client base, industry best practice and our own innovative approach, which helps you to achieve the right balance between tools, processes and data. Our team members will work seamlessly with your own internal experts to automate processes, drive efficiencies, remove the opportunity for mistakes and enable you to become a forward thinking business.

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