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Project Forecasting

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Predict The Future Through Accurate Project Forecasting

Our Project Forecasting service allows you to predict the future for your project and make informed business decisions using accurate forecasting, reporting, earned value and trending analysis.

Key Features include:

  • Schedule Forecasting
  • Cost Forecasting
  • Earned Value Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Productivity Assessments
  • Project Health Checks

By providing accurate forecasting and easy to understand reporting, we can help you to predict possible issues for your project and remove them before they become a reality. Our Project Forecasting Service will ensure your project is delivered on time and to budget.

Simplify and Enhance Your Data

From creating a work breakdown structure through to closing projects, we provide accurate cost and schedule forecasts for managing every part of your project. Using our ProCon Data Visualisation suite, we can both simplify and enhance your data, removing any ambiguity, and enabling you to make knowledge-driven business decisions.

If your project has hit a bump and your data is poor or simply overwhelming, our tools can bring some clarity, help you identify key issues and enable you to find solutions. We will help you steer a path back to success.

Improve Your Data

Our ProCon Data Visualisation suite can also help you identify any potential future issues and eliminate them before they take hold. We can help you to improve the quality of your data collection, analysis and interpretation, so that you can make informed decisions and finish your project successfully, with your reputation and stakeholder relations intact.

We will help you explore and understand your data to find the answers to the three big questions that your stakeholders will be asking:

  • Where do we currently stand?
  • What variances do we have and can we recover them?
  • Has the forecast changed?

User-Friendly Reports

Our ProCon Data Visualisation suite will not only help you answer these questions, it will generate user-friendly reports which can be delivered straight to your stakeholders and team members. The reports allow you to improve communication on your project, resulting in easier programme management, improved performance and maximised efficiency.

Where required, we can also provide a full Cost and Commercial Team for guidance and support to improve your business. The team will also capture and share ‘lessons learned’ during your project to help you improve efficiencies in future projects. Alternatively, we can provide a complete forecasting and project monitoring service to help you reduce future risk and minimise disruption to your project schedule.

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