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Reporting & Analytics

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Right Tools to Hand to Manage Risk

Our Live Reporting and Analytics Service will provide you with the tools you need to actively manage and mitigate risk in your projects, enabling you to deliver your portfolios and programmes successfully.

Key Features include:

  • Data Management
  • Software Systems Integration
  • Data Visualisation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Schedule, Cost & Risk Analysis
  • Live Business Intelligence

Our tools, systems and staff can help you to identify and drive down the risks while delivering opportunities to improve efficiencies, and potentially profit, on projects across the whole business.

Source of Truth

We ensure that your data comes from reliable sources and these are correctly managed to provide you with accurate and reliable reporting. Our team are all highly experienced in industry leading software such as Primavera, ASTA, SAP, Oracle and CEMAR to name a few, so that we can drive accurate performance. This allows you to gain the valuable insights to drive your projects from the transformation of data.

Data Visualisation

We provide highly visual reports and dashboards that transform into tools that your staff can use to make informed and empowered decisions. From the standard Excel version through to the industry-leading data visualisation tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, we can work with your systems or you can access ours. The reports we’ve developed communicate information in an intuitive, intelligent and impactful way across all of your projects, programmes and portfolios.

Advanced Analytics

Our expert team helps you build and embed analytical models into your business that improve the decision-making process. We bring together multiple sources of information so that you can make decisions on real information, in real time. Understand at-a-glance what the most critical aspect of your programme are, where your costs are trending or which areas are your largest risks. We provide the tools that drive results for you.

Identify Unnoticed Opportunities

Our Reporting and Analytical Service goes beyond the standard by identifying the unnoticed opportunities on your projects. Our industry experts will carry out full analytical reviews and provide plans of action so you can benefit from any opportunities they find. You can then release these benefits back into your business as quickly as possible, freeing up funds for new projects or profit, as required.

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