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M49 Avonmouth Junction

Services: Planning & Controls

Value: 25 Million

Sector: Highways

The roads around the M49 suffer from delays and congestion. There is a need for additional infrastructure which will improve how the network performs for our users.

In addition, the port of Avonmouth and the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area to the west of Bristol currently have no direct access to the M49, which is hindering proposals to support economic growth in the area. A new junction on the M49 will improve access to these areas, ease congestion and contribute to the economic growth of the region.

The scheme in detail

We have committed, along with Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council, to unlocking the economic potential of the Avonmouth Severnside Enterprise Area. It is an important regional employment site and the largest brownfield site in Western Europe. The site is expected to attract new economic activity and associated employment in diverse sectors including energy generation, waste management, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

The new junction will be located in the area to the south of the Western Approach Distribution Park and west of the village of Easter Compton. We have concluded that the option which provides the greatest overall benefit is the Farm Lane Two Bridge option.


This option features a 2 bridge junction. It uses the existing bridge at Farm Lane with a second bridge built immediately next to it. The 2 bridges are incorporated into a single roundabout that spans the motorway. New access and exit slip roads will be built on both sides of the motorway junction so that it connects fully with both northbound and southbound traffic.

Although not indicated on the outline plan, the crossing will allow cyclists, pedestrians and horse riders to cross separately from the traffic. Discussions are continuing with representative groups.

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