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M6 Junction 2 to Junction 4

Services: Planning & Controls

Value: 155 Million

Sector: Highways

The M6 at junctions 2 to 4 currently suffers frequent delays due to the volume of traffic. This scheme will provide greater traffic capacity and more reliable journey times by improving the flow of traffic.

The scheme in detail

This project involves:

  • converting the hard shoulder to create a permanent fourth lane between junctions 2 and 3a
  • converting the climbing lane eastbound between junction 3a and 3 to a permanent traffic lane and retaining the hard shoulder
  • between junctions 4 and 3a the motorway will have 3 lanes and a hard shoulder; this is designed to tie in with the existing M6 junction 5 to 8 smart motorway
  • installing new electronic information signs, signals and CCTV cameras – these will be used to vary speed limits and manage traffic flow and incidents
  • installing 9 emergency refuge areas to use in place of the hard shoulder
  • improving the central reserve and adding a reinforced barrier to improve safety
  • adding new noise barriers in built up areas

In addition to the main smart motorway scheme we have been commissioned by HS2 to improve junction 4. This will include increasing the number of lanes to aid the flow of traffic for the proposed Birmingham Interchange Station. This work is scheduled to begin in Autumn 2017.


This scheme aims to:

  • reduced congestion by smoothing the flow of traffic to improve journey times and make them more reliable
  • facilitate economic growth within the region, by providing much needed capacity on the motorway
  • maximise motorway capacity while maintaining safety on motorways, which already are among the safest roads in the world

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