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Transporting goods and people via our highways network is key to economic success both for the UK and globally. Yet the strains on investment within the highways sector have never been greater.

At ProCon Partners, we work with highways clients, which include both major contractors and Highways England, to ensure the right infrastructure is delivered smoothly and efficiently to drive economic growth.

Hitting the IR Target

From the outset we ensure that our clients are delivering a portfolio of projects via programmes that drive efficiency. With each Investment Review period we ensure that the right projects are being delivered efficiently.

We can also accurately forecast the out-turn costs and the risk draw-down to ensure your budget is maximised across the Investment Review period. We help Highways England optimise their current assets and ensure that their future investments increase performance while remaining efficient.

Truly Collaborative

By bringing together the three disciplines of cost, commercial and schedule, we enable everyone to understand where the project is heading and what issues need addressing. Our Data Visualisation suite allows you to see what is happening in real-time and follow through decisions to ensure they are having the impact expected.

Highways Intelligence

Our extensive Highways Intelligence Rate Library enables us to develop detailed schedules and costs right from the word go, so  you get a level of accuracy no matter how early your project is in its life-cycle.

Continuous updates from the live project data help us to drive accuracy and identify opportunities for efficiencies by all parties. Where necessary, we can audit at the best and worst case scenarios, so that your business is continuously improving.

No Warning Lights

Unlike your car, our Live Reporting and Analytics don’t wait for the warning lights to come on the dashboard! We use predictive analytics to identify the problems before they arrive.

We turn Earned Value Analysis from a reporting requirement into a tool to highlight the future issues on the road ahead. We can also ensure that efficiencies are identified, delivered and recorded.

Manning the Highway

Sometimes you just need to find the right staff members who can understand their road box from their inlay, and that’s where we can help. We are happy to meet all your resourcing requirements from taking responsibility for the planning, cost, commercial and project controls sections or for the whole project.

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